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Houndstooth and Crystal


Sample Menus
The Chef

Question: Exactly what does your personal chef service provide?

Answer: The service will provide you and/or your family with gourmet meals that are easily re-heated (heating instructions will be included with every meal), are much more nutritious and balanced than take-out, and are less expensive than going to a restaurant.

Question: I've decided I would like to hire you, what do I do now?

Answer: When we contact each other for the first time, we'll set up an informal meeting where we'll discuss topics such as what day I will cook for you, what I'll cook, the number of meals etc...

Question: Do I have to shop for the ingredients you'll need?

Answer: No, I'll shop for the ingredients. Although the cost of ingredients is not included in the rates, I am determined to find the highest quality products at the lowest possible price, even if it means going to more than one market.

Question: Will you be using my pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment?

Answer: Occasionaly, I will ask your permission to use something in your kitchen, but I bring the pots, knives, cutting board and everything else I'll need to prepare your food.

Question: Should I be worried that my kitchen will be left a mess?

Answer: Your kitchen will not only be as clean or cleaner than when you left it, it will be filled with the most tempting aromas imaginable.

Question: What do you use for storage containers?

Answer: In an attempt to keep your cost as low as possible, I will suggest using resealable containers which you may have or using inexpensive disposable containers.


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