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Houndstooth and Crystal
Sample Menus


Sample Menus
The Chef

The entree's below can be altered to your specifications to accommodate dietary concerns or specific tastes. If you have your own favorite recipes and ideas, please feel free to offer them.


-Bouillabaisse w/ chive aioli and herbed crostini
-Molasses laquered salmon w/ cracked pepper & lemon basmati and watercress salad
-Potato crusted halibut in pernod cream w/ chili pepper cous-cous and steamed cauliflower w/ spinach
-Pan blackened lobster & crab cakes w/ roasted red pepper remoulade, herb roasted yukons and brown buttered succotash
-Greek stuffed sole w/ shallot & roasted garlic butter, pesto potatoes and ratatouille




-Cashew crusted chicken breast w/ scotch raisin cream, cider braised carrots and parmesan potato gratin
-Asparagus, prosciutto & goat cheese stuffed chicken breast w/ chardonnay sauce, basil pine-nut cous-cous and spicey braising greens
-Chicken putenesca served w/ garlic mashed potatoes and balsamic roasted zucchini
-Scallion & lemon crusted chicken breast w/ salsa verde', wild rice pilaf and carraway braised cabbage
-Roasted half cornish hen w/ dried fruit & walnut stuffing, pepper maple glaze, winter squash and gorganzola polenta



-Arugula & brie stuffed pork loin w/ andouille & sweet potato hash
and maple buttered parsnips
-Garlic studded boneless pork chops w/ wild mushroom merlot sauce served w/ root vegetable mash and sundried tomato steamed asparagus
-Herb encrusted pork tenderloin medallions w/ lingonberry glaze, chipotle roasted potatoes and butter braised collard greens
-Smoked bacon wrapped pork tenderloin w/ peppercorn sauce, parmesan twice baked potatoes and sage steamed sugar snap peas
-Honey marinated boneless pork loin w/ whole grain mustard sauce, green beans w/ feta and wild mushroom risotto




-Gingered beef w/ snow peas & shiitake mushrooms served over orange rice
-Spinach boursin stuffed flank steak w/ horseradish mashed potatoes and smoked bacon/ broccoli stuffed onions
-Individual beef wellingtons w/ barley risotto and apple roasted winter vegetables
-Pepper seared sirloin steak w/ brandy cream, stilton duchesse potatoes and pancetta steamed green beans
-Ginger & madeira braised veal shank w/ wild mushrooms, parsnips and roasted red bliss potatoes



-Cannalini beans w/ slow roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and goat cheese over braised greens
-Spinach & feta tart w/ black lentil pilaf and honey dressed watercress
-Farfalle w/ lima beans, artichokes & grape tomatoes tossed in sage brown butter
-Zucchini, spinach and tofu lasagna served w/ garlic parmesan bread
-Scallion creamed barley w/ oven roasted wild mushrooms accompanied by roasted red pepper & chevre bruschetta